Putting Your Car in Reverse While Driving – The Cause & Effects

Curiosity kills the cat – which is why many of us haven’t exactly tried putting the car in reverse while driving. But what happens when you do that. Let’s find out.

First up, is it even possible for the car to go in reverse if you shift into “R” while it’s still on the move? The answer to this is that it depends on your vehicle and how effective its automatic transmission is.

Automatic Transmission in Modern Cars

In case of automatic transmission, putting the car into reverse can actually be anticlimactic as nothing might happen. The “Reverse Inhibit” function in these latest vehicles doesn’t allow the gear system to follow the instructions, considering it a malfunction. Either that or the inhibiter will check the speed and reverse options won’t be acceptable unless the car is at an appropriate speed.

Manual Transmission in Modern Cars

So, your vehicle has a manual transmission, then what? In manual cars there is a physical locking system that prevents it from reversing while driving. But in case, you do end up shifting the gear then there will be loud grinding noise of the engine, probably some smoke if the pressure is too much, and it’ll likely cause the tyre to wear. And tyres are an expensive part of your vehicle that you’ll want to take care of.

Older Car Models

Drivers can satisfy their curiosity with older cars as they will give you a completely different reaction. Older models don’t have “Reverse Inhibit” function in the transmission system so shifting the gear into reverse will stall the engine and car will slow down. When this happens, the best thing to do is to take your foot off the accelerator and try putting the car into neutral. With the engine stalling, you might not be able to steer the wheel and that can panic the driver. Stay calm and safely bring the car to a complete stop. Shift the gear to park, turn off the engine, give it some time, and then restart it again.

Maintaining Good Driving Habits

If at some point in your driving you experience this, then next thing to do is to take your vehicle in for inspection. You can book an appointment with trusted auto-repair shops like Dubai Tyre Shop that provides complete maintenance services. The reversing adventure has most likely taken its toll on your tyres so in case you’ve completely worn the tread, then you can buy tires online UAE from here. For many people Goodyear Tyres is the most preferred brand and if you’ve been searching for Goodyear tires near me, then Dubai Tyre Shop has the most extensive range. Drive as smoothly as you can to keep your tires in the best shape and enhance their life.

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