There are two main benefits to scrapping your old van. First of all, it allows you to get rid of a vehicle that is taking up space around your house. Secondly, you will be able to recover some of the money you spent on the junk van, by selling it.

All scrapping companies, however, do not offer the same services. There are some that are good and you can enjoy them, but there are others that provide poor ones that you will regret. Therefore, you must research and examine the firms offering scrap van services in your area. This will help you determine which is the best.


It is a legal requirement that your vehicle is scrapped by an Authorised Treatment Facility. When it comes to dismantling and recycling end-of-life vehicles, an ATF licence issued by the Environmental Agency (EA) proves that a company follows the strict rules and regulations of the EA.

When choosing a van scrapping company, you should consider these factors:


A scrapping company’s reputation will tell you a lot about it, so ensure you pick the one with a good reputation. Why so?

An organisation’s reputation is a reflection of the services it offers. When an organisation provides excellent services, customers will be satisfied. As a result, they will praise the company by writing good reviews and recommending it to others.

As a result, when you choose a scrapping business with a good reputation, you can be sure that the services they offer are excellent.

You should always remember a bad reputation is a red flag. It could be that customers have suffered through the company’s actions. As a result, you should avoid such firms to avoid experiencing the same.


A van’s value is an important consideration when choosing a scrapping service. Different companies offer different prices. A few companies exploit their customers by offering low prices. This makes it very difficult to get a substantial amount from an old van.

These firms should be avoided, and you should pick the best from the list. An experienced company will analyse the van’s condition and quote a fair price based on its value. You will therefore be able to recover a significant portion of the money you spent on the van.


Upon contacting a scrapping company, they send their employees to collect the van. In some cases, you might be charged for the activity, and this will factor into the amount you receive. You will be charged based on where you are located, where the farther you are, the more they charge.

Choose a firm that offers free collection service regardless of your location instead of such firms. When you choose a scrapping company that offers free pickup, you can avoid additional costs.

In conclusion, the following three things should be considered when looking for a scrap van company. Consider the reputation of the scrapping company, the price they are willing to pay, and the collection fee. In this way, you will be able to determine which company will give you the best price for your old vehicle.

After reading this article, we hope all your doubts are cleared. In case you are still thinking about Why and where should I scrap my van in London? Well you have your answers above.

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